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Ronaldinho Or Messi: Who Is Your Favorite Player?

Ronaldinho Or Messi: Who Is Your Favorite Player?

The two well known dribblers are very interesting to watch, due to the style of play they have been accustomed to, whenever they announce their presence in any football match they are featured in.

It is no news seeing a comparison like this. However, in football there is usually one new sensation whose style of play on the pitch is usually compared to an old timer.

This is why I feel it is essential we do a fair judgement on which of the two players have really done it all in the football playing terrain.

Ronaldo de Asis Moreira also known as Ronaldinho Gaucho, is a Brazilian retired player who was born in Porto Alegre.

The Brazilian genius was an attacking midfielder and a winger during his active football playing period.

Ronaldinho had one of the best football skills and tricks during his football generation. 

He is regarded as one of the best Brazilian players because, he was the third Brazilian player to win the Ballot D'or award.

One award Ronaldinho has in common with Messi is the FIFA World Best Player Award. They have both had the opportunity to win that particular award during their football career.

Another award they have in common, which is one of the most important titles in the World is the “Ballon D'or” title. 

They are both in the record books of FIFA as players who have successfully grabbed a “Ballon D'or” award in their lifetime.

Now let's look at brief information about Messi.

Lionel Messi is currently the captain of the Argentinian football team. He is also one of the most successful players who have played for the Spanish club Barcelona for a very long time.

Messi was born in Rosario, Argentina.

Currently, Messi is Argentina's all-time top goalscorer.

He also has the highest number of goals in the Spanish La Liga. 

Messi holds the record of being the youngest Argentinian international to play and score in the FIFA World Cup tournament. 

This record emerged after he scored his first World Cup goal in the 2006 Germany world cup competition.

Aside the award similarities Ronaldinho and Messi are recognized for, they have also played in the Spanish la Liga, for the highly respected Barcelona football club.

From both national and club sides, they are both very respected as pacesetters. The only national achievement Ronaldinho has over Messi, is the ability to win the FIFA World Cup with their national teams.

Ronaldinho was part of a FIFA World Cup winning team while Messi is yet to be honored with that record. 

Ronaldinho joined the Brazilian national team to win the 2002 FIFA World Cup which gives him a reputable stand ahead of Messi.

Regardless of this fact, they are both outstanding dribblers and goalscorers.

Between the two magnificent players, who is your favorite?

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