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UEFA Champions League

GFA and UEFA assisted in ending the three-day Super League coaching capacity building program

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) and UEFA presences have completed a three-day training capacity creation program for directors trainers of the 18 clubs of the Premier League. FIFA / UEFA Educator Trainers Markus Fritz Schmid has brought training with the support of the technical director of GFA, Bernhard Lippert and the coaching director, Professor Joseph Kwame Mintah. 

 Addressing coaches after the training program, the president of the GFA, Kurt Edwin Simeonkraku, said his administration is interested in the development of skills and will ensure that more than such training programs are accessible to prime minister coaches, the Division and the Premier League of women.


 `I'm glad we were able to withdraw this and tells you that our new technical direction has worked. This is a great step for us and the fact that, through him hard work of him, we were able to create this platform for the exchange of knowledge and to acquire and is a great advantage, "he said.  

 `When we met a few months ago, I said the development of skills is the key to us and that the only way we can improve our training. We have great problems in training and it is only through these platforms we can learn, share ideas, criticism what we do and collectively improve 

. Our league will always be strong if all of us better and this is the essence of this meeting and this is not It will be the end. For the Fa working closely with UEFA to take people like him (Markus Fritz Schmid) is a big step. I'm sure all you pick up at least one idea of this`  

 `I am here to show support and say that, we will continue to provide such platforms not only for elite coaches, but also for a division and female coaches, and which is the only way we can improve. "Additional Simeonkraku President. 

` `FIFA / UEFA Coach Educator, Markus Fritz Schmid, who took coaches through technical training, praised his efforts and we hope that these are good things. 

` This was one. Exchange of knowledge very interesting and profitable with coaches and the main representatives of Ghana Calcio and we have some interesting topics to deal with above all as football is played and trained in the country and, of course, the ambition of the federation. Go out with some principle and style of play. 

 '`For each and each of them, I think I chose something about this, where you can really apply what we have discussed, how to apply and implement particular environment, this is not just knowledge, but also for Understanding some of the fundamental principles and molds with their knowledge and the environment and use it for the good of their players and their projects. 

 `'I hope this is a in Izio for a regular sustainable cooperation, because there is a lot of work to be directed and the passion, interest and the contribution they have done in all times is very promising and we expect a lot from them in other events of one Similar stage he added.  

 The League Development Capacity Development Program is part of GFA's agenda to improve the capacity of country coaches and bring them to speed with modern trends in training. 

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