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What Wayne Rooney said about Cristiano Ronaldo's move to Manchester City.

People thought Cristiano Ronaldo moving from Juventus to Manchester City is just a rumor but it seems the transfer is going to happen for real. Manchester United fans and legends have been talking about this transfer for some time and everything that shows this transfer is going to happen is not just a rumor as people were saying. It seems a lot of people are shocked about Cristiano Ronaldo's transfer new because Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney has also talked about this Ronaldo transfer news. Wayne Rooney thinks is not going to happen and he doesn't believe that Cristiano is a Manchester United legend and he won't do such a thing. He said," I can't see Ronaldo joining Manchester City. But it's football so you never know".This is what he has to say about it.

You can see from the comment that Wayne Rooney made that he can't see Cristiano Ronaldo joining Manchester city but it is football anything can happen. This shows that he does believe that this transfer is going to happen but he also thinks that it is football so anything can happen. These transfer moves have been causing a lot of fans to talk about it and this shows how it hurts them to see Cristiano Ronaldo going to play for Manchester City their rivals.

Jorge Mendes is Cristiano Ronaldo's agent and I made a research to see that he offered Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United but United rejected him so the only option he had was to offer him to Manchester City because Cristiano wanted to move from Juventus to another this summer. Manchester United legend fans and legend doesn't agree with him because they think even if Manchester United doesn't want him it doesn't mean he should offer him to their rival Manchester City. As of now, everything shows that Cristiano Ronaldo will move to Manchester City and nothing can prevent that unless maybe Manchester City refuses to pay the money Juventus set on him that is 28million Euros.

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