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Top 5 wwe superstars who travel with their own plane

Besides wrestling, one thing that WWE superstars do a whole lot of is traveling. Being a wrestler for the WWE is basically liking being in a band that's on tour every week of the year. Even if they only wrestle once or twice a week, they have to travel from city to city and state to state. Even though several superstars go to the same place, they don't all travel together.

Many WWE stars travel by road trip and a lot of them do so on tour buses which allow them to sleep and have plenty of room to stretch out and relax. While some superstars own their own travel buses, others hitch a ride with the ones that do and then, even more, take the same bus together.

John Cena (Private Plane)

John Cena has been the fact of the WWE for several years even if he is becoming more of a part-time wrestler. He has a yearly salary of $3 million but that doesn't include his 6.25% bonus for merchandise which really adds up. Cena's contract also includes private jet access but that isn't the only way he travels. He also owns his own personal tour bus so he travels by both private plane and road trips. His acting roles and his many other projects private him plenty of income so he could purchase his own private plane if he wanted

The Miz (Road Trip)

We know that The Miz bills himself as a Hollywood A-lister. The Miz is not only a successful WWE superstar but he has also starred in several movies and now has his own reality TV series with his wife on the USA Network called Miz & Mrs. If you watch that show you know that The Miz likes to save money even though he's doing pretty well for himself. Rather than flying when his family moved from California to Texas, he decided to rent a tour bus. Even though that didn't go very well, The Miz prefers to take road trips because it's cheaper and more practical than flying on a private plane.

Sheamus (Private Plane)

Sheamus came on strong when he entered the WWE and won multiple championships in almost no time at all. His success came along with a $1 million a year salary in addition to first class travel arrangements. The Irish superstar goes home once a year for a vacation and he certainly isn't going to go on a road trip and then take a boat. Sheamus is a high flyer out of the ring but more of a brawler inside of it. He prefers to travel by private plane along with his friend and tag team partner in “The Bar”, Cesaro.

Mickie James (Road Trip)

Veteran WWE superstar Mickie James was along time fan favorite until she changed her ways later in her career. James seems to be a down to earth type of wrestler who is true to herself. She is actually a country music artist as well and has released a pair of albums. James has toured as a singer and is no stranger to a tour bus. She has traveled the country opening for artists including Montgomery Gentry and Rascal Flats. Mickie James prefers to take a road trip rather than shell out the cash and fly on a private plane. She doesn't seem to be a big enough superstar to earn the travel privileges the top superstars sometimes do.

Rey Mysterio (Private Plane)

Rey Mysterio is known as a high flyer in the ring, but he's also a high flyer when it comes to transportation. Mysterio has been around for quite some time but is also said to have expensive tastes. He purchased a quite expensive sports car at once point and then paid a lot more money to have it transported to his home in California. He has competed in Mexico quite often so flying seems to be the easiest way to go. When Mysterio was exclusively with the WWE he made $1 million a year in addition to first class travel. For a man with expensive tastes and free travel it only makes sense to fly in a private plane.

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