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Surprisingly: see what Indonesia chicken is used for.

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This life that we are living in is full of surprises. Since I came to this Earth, I have seen different kinds of chicken but have not come across this chicken before. There is this pictures of a chicken that is fast trending on social media which I have never seen some before. Please follow this article as I showcase the pictures of the chicken. 

Looking at the pictures aforementioned, you can see that the colour of this chicken is different from all other chicken in the world, and it is uncommon breed of chicken. According to the information reaching us, this chicken is called Ayame Cemani, and It is a chicken that you can found in Indonesia. The information reaching us added that, these chicken have a dominant Gene that causes hyperpigmentation (fibromelanosis), that makes the chicken mostly black, including feathers, beak, and internal organs. Even they lay black eggs.

The information reaching us also stated that, these chicken are used for cockfighting in Bali, and Cemani is a very popular gamecock. And these chicken are good for the game because their thighs have much more muscle as compared to other chichens. And they are also faster than other chicken. Please share like and comment on this article. 

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Ayame Cemani Indonesia


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