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Players with the most red card offences in football history

Football is about winning titles but some players decided to go the other way round. We take a look at the players with the most red cards in football in the pecking order;

#5. Paolo Montero

Paolo Montero holds the record as the player with the most red cards in the Serie A history. He was sent off 16 times in the Serie A and 21 in all competitions. A talented defender who played for Atlanta and Juventus but was criticized for his hard tackles and aggression. Ryan Gigs described him as the toughest opponent he has ever faced.

#4. Alexis Ruano Delgado

Alexis Ruano Delgado is a Spanish central defender who plays his club football for second division side Racing De Santander. He also is considered as one of the hard tacklers in the game with 22 red cards.

#3.Cyril Rool

The second runner-up in terms of red card accumulation goes to Cyril Rool. The midfielder played in the European scene for teams like Bordeaux, Nice and Monaco. He was aggressive and at times reckless. His playing style handed him 25 red cards and 187 yellow cards.

#2. Sergio Ramos

The unwanted silver medal goes to Real Madrid and Spain's captain Sergio Ramos. The player with the most red card who is still playing has picked up 26 red cards. He picked his 26th red card in the game against Manchester City in the UEFA Champions league.

A strong and aggressive tackler who is regarded as one of the best in his days. He holds the record for most red carded player in the La Liga(20) and also the UEFA Champions league (6).

#1. Gerardo Bedoya

That Colombian international tops the unwanted list of players with the most red cards. He was a defensive midfielder and played for Racing Millionarios,Boca Juniors and the Colombian national team.

He was 46 times red carded. He became a manager for Colombian club Independiente Sante Fe where he was also red carded in his first game in the touchline.

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