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Premier League

Primier League Players with Ugly Tattoos

This one is for the ink fanatics, the tattoo lovers amongst all Opera News fans and followers. Welcome to this list that shows you only the most controversial, beautiful and straight up ridiculous tattoos of players that play in the English Premier League. Enjoy!

Raheem Sterling’s Tattoo

We start you off with one of the more controversial tattoos on this list. This ironic tattoo of Raheem Sterling. What he means with it, is that he means no harm and that he hates violence. He only shoots with his feet. Nice statement Raheem!

Alberto Moreno’s Tattoo

A Monkey Assassin on his legs. We at WTFoot can’t make this stuff up. But here you go, this is apparently what Alberto Moreno is into.

John Stones’ Tattoo

John Stones is definitely an odd one. Here you see the image of his girlfriend that he tattooed on his arm. He only did this after he cheated on her and this was sort of his way of saying that he was going to be faithful forever now. Ok then!

Leroy Sané’s Tattoo

A rather famous piece here. This is Leroy Sane’s tattoo of… Leroy Sane! This is an image of him scoring a goal against Monaco in the Champions League. Apparently it took 4 days to put this massive piece on his back.

Dejan Lovren’s Tattoo

Dejan Lovren has an image of Jesus being crucified on his body. It goes to show how much he is in love with his faith.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s Tattoo

Aubameyang is very proud of the fact that he is from Africa. So much so that he choose to have this massive tattoo of the African Continent on his back.


Kenedy just absolutely adores his girlfriend. So much so that in fact he went to a tattoo artist and he asked him to put an image of her on his stomach. Life is simple sometimes people.

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