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Let's Eradicate Guinea Worm In Ghana Together

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Guinea worm is a parasitic worm infection of the subcutaneous and deeper tissues by a large nematode. It begins when a blister appears on the lower limbs with an adult gravid female worm ready to discharge its larvae with a causative called Dracunculus Medinensis.

Mode Of Transmission

People become infected with guinea worm by drinking contaminated water infested by the larvae of the guinea worm.

Signs Of Symptoms Of Guinea Worm Infestation

1. Intense pain localized to its path of travel

2. Fever

3. Headache

4. Nausea

5. Vomiting

6. Oedema

7. Burning sensation around the infected part

How do we prevent Guinea Worm?

1. Provision of safe and adequate water supply such as pipe borne water and ensuring its usage

2. Prevent infected persons from entering into source of water

3. Boiling water from dams, rivers etc before drinking

4. Use of draw water instead of step wells

5. Filtering of water before consumption, hence hunters should abreast themselves with straw filters whilst the households should also abreast with material filters

6. Extracting the emerging worm from infected persons

7. Control water snail populations in ponds, tanks, dams, reservoirs and step-wells by using insecticides such as temephos (abate) which is very infective and safe

8. And finally, health education should be provided to the people especially those in endemic areas.

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