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Driver Caught Playing The Champions League Final On The Road Side.

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Mageza (Taxi driver) caught having s_ex by the roadside (WATCH VIDEO)

There is never a dull moment in Mzansi. A photo of a South African taxi driver playing a bedroom game outside his taxi has since gone viral.

The couple was caught playing this game by the roadside and did not seem to care much about their surroundings and chose to have it outside the car rather than in the car. Wow, some people can be very careless, I hope you agree with me?

From the image above, both the man and the woman seems to enjoy it very well. In fact, from the look of things, I know they wish they will do it all day and all night without any interference or disturbances. According to my research, the main reason why they decided to do it outside the car but not in the car or not at the house was not review.

Do you think it is right?

Even for a husband and a wife to involve themselves in such an act and behaviour outside their home? The question I have been asking myself is that, what went wrong, I mean what came across that they could not control themselves till they get to the house?

Is there something wrong with what they did?

What do you have to say, or what advice do you have to tell them?

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