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Ghanaian Footballers That Got Married to Beauty Queens and Are Happy : Check Out Photos

Love is wonderful, a precious feeling that sets ones emotions at the peak of its natural reach. When love develops to the point of marriage, one cannot but rejoice at the feeling that one would remain with his or her object of affection forever.

Every marriage begins from a point. There is a time to meet your partner in life, a time to become friends, a time to engage in courtship, and a time to be engaged and be married.

Some love relationships hit the rock before they could translate into marriage. More painful scenarios is when it leads to marriage but later hit the rocks. Some people who are unable to carry the burden of a broken marriage end up depressed and could even hurt themselves. However, others are able to guide themselves through with encouragement from loved ones, and they eventually find new love.

To be a celebrity puts people at positions where they meet a lot of people and are known by a lot of people. Once you are exposed to the world as a celebrity and you have good looks to match, it is possible to have many suitors.

Despite the challenge in having to chose between suitors, one is also at an advantage to meet the best partner in life. Wysopera has come across celebrities from different demographics in respect to their skills who have decided to tie the knot as they have discovered the burning passion of love flowing between them. This is a scenario of a footballer getting married to a one time beauty queen.

The first couple to look at is the famous footballer, Odartey Lamptey and Ruweida Yakubu. After Odartey Lamptey have to go through the painful process of heartbreak and divorce from his first relationship, he finds love with the one time beauty contestant on TV3. In 2008, Ruweida Yakubu happened to contest in the Ghana's Most Beautiful competition before she joined the movie industry to become an actress. Little does she know that she would one day become the wife of Odartey Lamptey. Take a critical look at their stunning pictures below.

We wish them more happiness in their marriage.

The second couple is the famous Sule Muntari and his wife, Menaye Donkor. Menaye Donkor is a Ghanaian, but she was born in Canada. She is a very industrious lady who even owns a beauty brand. Menaye was a one time beauty queen who had the privilege to be named Miss Universe Ghana in the year 2004. She is now an entrepreneur. Check the stunning pictures of them below.

There is an adage that when life gives you lemon, make lemonade out of it. Happy marriages are built out of mutual understanding. Despite the fact that these celebrities might have different suitors chasing after them, they are able to maintain happiness in their relationships. May God grant us all the grace to maintain happy marriages.

Do you think that these marriages are a blessing from God?



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