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Meet Ferdie Adoboe, The Fastest Ghanaian To Run Backwards In The World(Video)

Running backwards is the act of running in reverse so that one travels in the direction one's back is facing rather than one's front. It is classed as a retro movement, the reverse of a normal movement.

No country or person outside the continent of Africa can doubt the talents of a Black man. Ghanaians are no exceptions as some individuals hold various categories of records in all kinds of sports and other careers.

In today's article, let us meet a man who has a key record in Africa's history. He happens to be the fastest person to run backwards in Africa.

Ferdie Ato Adoboe is an athlete who set a Guinness World Record in 1983 for running backwards. He is also a practitioner of speed juggling, the act of kicking a soccer ball in the air as many times as possible in a short period of time.

Ferdie Ato Adoboe set another world record by running 100 metres backwards in 12.7 seconds on 25th July 1991 at the Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts, USA.

He has held two speed-related world records with a 100m time of 13.6 and a calculated 100 yards time of 12.7, both set on 25 July 1991.

Click here to watch the video as Ferdie Adoboe set the record which has never been done by any African and any person in the world.

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