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Barcelona Worst Defeat In 1931

By comparing current names in football you will never guess correctly who gave Barcelona their worst defeat in their football history. Let first take a look at the then mighty club who is now seen as just a regular LA liga team.

Athletico Bilbao unlike the other clubs in the world is unique in it way of choosing players. Try to remember any name of a player you widely known who has played for Bilbao. It is approximately none. Just like olden Barcelona they are keen to promote local talents. To qualify for the club, you must hail from the basque region which includes BiscayGipuzkoaÁlava and Navarre (in Spain); and LabourdSoule and Lower Navarre(in France).

Despite their dislike for foreign breeds they are the fourth successful club in Spain with 8 league titles. Together with Barcelona and Real Madrid have never tasted relegation. Common glories include 4 on row copa dey rey titles from 1930 1933 under British coach Fred Pentland.

Bilbao is the club to give Barcelona their worst ever defeat 12-1 in 1931 when the club was at it peak. Now they stand at the 9th position in the League. Not good but not bad also since they have cemented their position for next season.

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