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Premier League

Chelsea's Winger Named As The Toughest Opponent By City's Player, Nightmare Of The Champions League

Morning news from Chelsea,including Joao Cancelo's assessment of Christian Pulisic,the potential for a blues nightmare in a Champions League scenario,and analysis of the Premier League's fourth fixture.

Pulisic is called the toughest opponent

Joao Cancelo named Chelsea winger Christian Pulisic the toughest opponent he has faced.The Manchester City defender has impressed in the Premier League this season and is widely recognized as one of the division's best defenders.Pulisic may have only had one goal and was an assistant in the league this season,but he is a smart man who has to score goals.

I usually talk about it with my teammates,Cancelo said in an interview with Star Sports on The Metro when asked who his toughest opponent was.It may sound strange, but for me, Chelsea's Pulisic is the toughest winger I have encountered in the Premier League.

He is a very skilled and fast player with a fast dribbling ball.For me he is the hardest wing I have ever played.

They analyze the best four races at Chelsea

Chelsea are looking for a top four position in the Premier League.They are currently fourth after beating two Merseyside clubs,although they could drop to fifth if West Ham United win their game.The Blues are in their best form in the Premier League, they left Man City and will still lose to Thomas Tuchel.Things look for their top four hopes,including their upcoming schedule.

Sam Inkerzole analyzed his play for Football.London and determined that the next four games will be played against the side currently at the bottom of the table.

In the end, they will face West Ham,Arsenal,Man City and Leicester City, but Chelsea have had enough time to collect enough points to take on serious challenges in the top four.

The nightmare of the Champions League

Chelsea is looking to secure Champions League football for next season.But there is a nightmare scenario where they make the top four and fail to qualify,as George Smith and Tashan Deniran-Alain have shown for Chelsea don't win the Champions League they will have to finish in the top four to secure a place in next season's races.

However,only five teams from one country can qualify.Normally the top four from England are fit,but if Liverpool win the Champions League and Spurs,Arsenal or Manchester United win the Europa League and don't finish in the top four,the team in fourth place will be lost.

Liverpool are unlikely to overcome all four but they are already in the Champions League quarter-finals while Arsenal and Spurs are also heavily outside the top 4 but are considered favorites for the Europa League.

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