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Women progress is our priority-Nana Yaa Akyimpin Jantuah

General Secretary for Convention People's Party (CPP) ,Nana Yaa Akyimpin Jantuah says that CPP has done good job in their campaign and this year ghanaians will see alot of changes in the party .

According to her, the message they are giving to ghanaians in their campaign is that if they vote for Convention People's Party (CPP) is a vote for themselves , children etc.

Speaking on an Accra based fm okay,she added that especially they will give small loans to women to setup a business .

Nana Yaa continued that if you check properly Convention People's Party (CPP) brought free education in Ghana ,and the free education concept is that they extend and make quality ,clean and neat .

She disclosed that from kindergarten to University is free , because from childhood the basic fundamental and also help public schools and support private sector .

Nana Yaa Akyimpin proceeded that they will bring back adult education so that those who were not able to attend school from there childhood can get access to that.

She ended by saying that one important thing is pension scheme is not only those who work at public service will get the chance to Social Security and Investment Trust(SSNIT) but in the Informal service also .

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