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Top Five(5) Football rules which you didn't know existed

Football is full of rules and each rule is what keep the game going.

In today's article, let us find out some key football rules which most people are not aware of.

5. Yellow card still stand after celebrating a goal illegally even if the goal is being disallowed. It is not allowed for a player for remove his shirt during the field of play. Doing that attract a yellow card. Once you receive the card and if the goal is even disallowed. The yellow card still stand.

4. A team can start a match with just seven players. The minimum is 7 and the maximum is 11.

3. Scoring an own goal from a a direct freekick is not allowed. This goal will be disallowed.

2. A keeper holding the ball with the hand for more than 6 seconds attract a punishment which is likely to be a yellow card.

1. This is a new one. The referee must allow ball to score first even if there is a signal from the lines men that it an offside

These are some football rules which most of you are already aware but few may be ignorant of it.

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