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Africa Cup Of Nation, Top Groups Declared

The two Mali and Guinea qualified to Cameroon 2021. 

Chad is precluded while Namibia is killed. 

Gathering B 

Burkina Faso ensured their spot in following year's finals. South Sudan is killed. 

Uganda (8 focuses) and Malawi (7) fight for the subsequent gathering opening. They face each other in Blantyre, where draw is sufficient for Uganda to qualify while Malawi needs a success. 

Gathering C 

Ghana qualified for the finals, while Sao Tome and Principe are wiped out. 

South Africa (10 focuses) and Sudan (9) are as yet in the race. They lock horns in Omdurman, where Sudan should win to qualify while South Africa needs a point. 

Gambia Celebrate 

Gathering D 

Gabon and Gambia qualified. DR Congo and Angola are killed. 

Gathering E 

Morocco qualified to the finals. 

Mauritania (6 focuses), Burundi (5) and Central African Republic (4) fight for the subsequent ticket. 

Focal African Republic has Mauritania in Bangui while Burundi plays Morocco in Rabat. 

- Mauritania qualifies in the event that they win, or draw combined with Burundi neglecting to win. 

- Burundi qualifies just in the event that they win combined with Mauritania neglecting to win. 

- Central African Republic qualifies just on the off chance that they win, combined with Burundi neglecting to win. 

Gathering F 

Cameroon qualified naturally as hosts. 

Cape Verde (7 focuses), Rwanda (5) and Mozambique (4) are in the race for the subsequent ticket. 

Mozambique has Cape Verde in Maputo while Cameroon and Rwanda face in Douala. 

- Cape Verde qualifies in the event that they win, or attract with Rwanda neglecting to win. 

- Rwanda qualifies just in the event that they win combined with Cape Verde losing. 

- in the event of Rwanda winning and Cape Verde having a draw, objective distinction will figure out who qualifies, as the straight on between them is 0-0 in total. Objective distinction is presently Cape Verde (+2) and Rwanda (- 2). 

- Mozambique possibly qualifies on the off chance that they win combined with Rwanda neglecting to win. 


Gathering G 

Egypt and Comoros qualified. Kenya and Togo are disposed of. 

Gathering H 

Algeria and Zimbabwe qualified. Botswana and Zambia are disposed of. 

Gathering I 

Senegal qualified, Eswatini are disposed of. 

Congo (8 focuses) and Guinea-Bissau (6) fight for the subsequent ticket. They lock horns in Bissau where the hosts need a success to qualify, while simply a draw is sufficient for Congo to go through. 

🚫🇬🇳🇪🇬🇰🇲🇩🇿🇹🇳🇲🇦🇧🇫🇸🇳🇳🇬🚫#TotalAFCONQ2021 has 9 undefeated groups up until this point. 🌟 

Going to Cameroon in style. 👏 

— CAF (@CAF_Online) March 27, 2021 

Gathering J 

Tunisia and Equatorial Guinea qualified. Tanzania and Libya are disposed of. 

Gathering K 

Cote d'Ivoire qualified; Niger is disposed of. 

Ethiopia (9 focuses) and Madagascar (7) fight for second spot. Madagascar engages Niger while Ethiopia is away to Cote d'Ivoire. 

A draw is sufficient for Ethiopia to qualify as they appreciate a superior no holds barred outcome with Madagascar, who will possibly qualify in the event that they win and Ethiopia lose. 

Gathering L 

Nigeria qualified, Lesotho is disposed of. 

Benin (7 focuses) and Sierra Leone (4) are as yet in the race. They lock horns in Freetown. 

A draw owns Benin, while Sierra Leone needs a success to qualify.

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