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Gladson Awako vs Fabio Gama, who is who?

We all know there are many midfielders in Ghana and they known for their excellent performance in their local football team.There is an argument between football supporters in about the best midfielder in Asante Kotoko.

Fabio Gama

Fabio Gama was a Brazilian midfielder.He was born and raised at Riberia do pombel in the year 2 October,1992.Fabio Gama played his senior carrier at Bahia in the year 2012.And later from Bahia to Serrano in 2014.And he joined Botafoga da Paraiba in 2015.Fabio Gama is currently in Asante Kotoko.Currently paid:E125,000.

Gladson Awako

Gladson Awako is now currently in Asante Kotoko.He receives E200,000 as his highest market value but currently receives E1000,00.He was born in the year 31 Dec 1990 at Brekum.He started his senior carrier in the year 2006 in All stars.Gladson Awako played other teams between the year 2008 and 2018.Gladson Awako is 30 years of age now.

All these shows that Gladson Awako and Fabio Gama are all best in the midfielder position in Asante Kotoko.

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