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How would Ronaldinho rank as a player if he had the work ethics and the discipline of Cristiano?

At his best Ronaldinho was pure magic.

Skill and talent wise he could well be considered among the 4-5 most gifted players ever.

His attitude and his way of playing football were unique: he manhandled the best defenders of his era (an era of GREAT defenders: Maldini, Nesta,Thuram, young Sergio Ramos, Stam, John Terry…) like he was a man playing with children at the playground.

He did a lot of fancy moves, gave birth to new skills, scored immortal goals always with a large smile on his face.

You really felt his feet could do everything his mind could imagine.

For a long, glorious while, Dinho shone like few others in football history.

Then, suddenly, he fade away: disco, women, parties, food&drink.…life!! Dinho was not able to carry himself as an athlete for long.

What if had R10 the work ethic of CR7?

I really doubt Dinho could have been stronger when at his best. His peak would have been about the same. Which is sublime. A gift for every football lover.

But surely it could have lasted longer….with CR7's discipline even for 5 more years…

And, in this case, Ronaldinho would have been a deadly serious contender for the Greatest of All Times’ throne.

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