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Check Out Top Five Problems Of Juventus This Season

-To be honest, Dybala is a major issue as well. He's lost his shape and style, but he's still the most popular player. The fans ignore it and continue to blame a player who has scored 25 goals in serie A. I'm not sure how many players have scored more than 25 goals in the league besides Robert. We are ungrateful for what we have.

-From the goalkeeper to the attackers, our team has a problem. All is to blame. The security is sloppy in its execution. There is a target with only one through ball. Either we make a poor pass or we give up a penalty.

-The midfielders are completely ineffective. Arthur is ineffective. bentachur, rabiot, Arthur doesn't really care about Juventus or want to help; he's only playing for the sake of playing. Rabiot decided to play for Barca at first. Arthur was dissatisfied with his move to Juventus.

-Since he's been rejected for so long, Ramsey is unconcerned with everything. McKennie is sweet, and even chiesa can be greedy and try to take all the credit, which costs us. Ronaldo also makes a lot of bad choices, and some of the players lack vision and intelligence.

-When they are in a good position and just need a through ball, Ronaldo Morata will give signals, but these players will ignore them and continue throwing as if there is no game on the line; it's as if they are training.

-When this happens, the opponents close off the gaps, making it difficult for our attackers to score. Deligt has been the most reliable player on the team. Demiral is strong and courageous, but he makes poor tackles.

-Ronaldo Morata chiesa, on the other hand, has been the season's saviour. I'm not sure what would have happened if they had a lot of injuries if they hadn't had them. Cuadrado receives the majority of the passes and has the opportunity to make a decent cross or pass, but he'll be too busy dribbling to cross the defender's cover up. All is a disaster.

-Some of the players are inconsistent, as is the lineup, and formation is an important consideration. The majority of the players should be sold.

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