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Top 6 footballers who have never taken a red card

If, in football, many players are known for their rough temperament like Gattuso, Roy Keane or Eric Cantona, some are much less noticed. A handful of players have never even been kicked out of the green rectangle! Discover the TOP 6 footballers who have never received a red card.

Football is also about good behavior on the pitch at the risk of being penalized by the match referee. Unfortunately some players are unable to control themselves when taking a hit during the match or when attacking their opponents aggressively. Real annoyances and fighters like a certain Mario Balotelli or Gattuso. In any case, these players hold a great record among those who have received more red cards. Like these bad boys, there are those who are examples and who have never received a red card.

These are the Top 6 players who have never had a red card :

Ryan Giggs: 963 games, 0 red cards

Raul: 932 games, 0 red cards

Karim Benzema: 791 games, 0 red card

Andrés Iniesta: 717 games, 0 red card

Philipp Lahm: 652 games, 0 red card

Gary Lineker: 647 games, 0 red cards

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