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What Has Happened To Upamecano

We know him from his time at Leipzig. He wowed everyone there, he was basically a human wall, strong in every way. I recall the game in München in March 2020 (that 0 - 0). he gave everyone the impression that he was the best defender in the Bundesliga. and he was, but you know Bayern is like Hollywood. they can make a star out of a nobody and destroy a huge talent because of the pressure. Regardless of talent, not everyone is capable of dealing with that. And now he's the center of attention.

Making mistake after mistake because he is afraid to make mistakes. and his confidence is eroding. if he can just "get up" and not give a damn what people think about him, then he will redeem himself. Bayern made the right decision in signing him, and I have faith in him. but now it's up to him to prove it.

He has the ability, but I believe he lacks a mentor at the back. The club is in desperate need of a defensive commander. Alaba, as much as he was chastised last season, lacked that attribute. I'm hoping Lucas will eventually stepup.

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