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She Couldn't Buy Running Shoes And Covered Her Feet With Tape To Compete, Won 3 Gold Medals(Photos)

Life's comes with a lot of challenges and good things comes to those who strive to achieve success. Many are grieving the loss of their job, money, child or property but I need you to know it is all ok.

Don't give up and all you need to know is that there will be a new property, a new house, and many more happy memories. It will just take a little time. And nothing any good comes without sacrifice.

Sacrificing sometimes means going to the extreme in desperate times to make it. Just like this 11 years old girl who had to improvise by covering her feet with tape and drawing the logo of Nike on it to compete at a local interschool athletic competition.

Her determination enabled her to win three gold medals at the 400m, 800m and 1500m track and field competition. Rhea Bullos the native of Brgy, a town located within the Philippines and she was enrolled at 'Salvacion' school.

The potentials and qualities she possessed provoked her desire for a sporting career and she commenced with the field of athletics. She became a gold medallist in 1500m that particular year when she participated in the zonal competition with her coach. She was presented with an award as the most honored athletic with gold medals won from 1500m, 4*400m and silver in 4*100m Relay after representing her town.

The hard work of the girl wouldn't have translated into anything good without the support of her teachers, supervisors and the headmasters who had contributed immensely to her success. The commitment and support of her parents also helped her.

Let her story inspire you to thrive despite the challenges of life!

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Brgy Rhea Bullos


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