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4 powerful reasons u should learn to play chess.

Chess is undoubtedly a mind strengthening game, taking into consideration the numerous rules that one has to master to be able to play the game to the climax.It is not just a game but also a sport that people make money out of, sounds crazy but true . One doesn't need to have muscles or be a skillful player like Christiano Ronaldo to play chess. People like "Magnus " a world chess champion who made his living through the playing of chess didn't have much of programming, football skills and all the things that you can think of before making it in the world of chess. I am not sure of how he or other chess masters started but I believe they all started like numbs just like all of us, as a matter of fact ,no one was born with chess already programmed in his/her system . They all took the time to learn the sport that can make you a million dollar if you are very good at it.

Hidden in the game of chess lies many life lessons and a set of disciplinary conduct that can make u a very upright person in life.. without much I do let's dive straight into the content , and I believe that that u will consider learning chess after you reach the end of this article.


Yes , as silly as this might sound, during the playing of chess , one develops a very keen sight as to how the game is going to turn out. For example , if the opponent makes a move, one has to analyze the move as to whether it poses a threat or it opens an opportunity.If you play the game consistently , you will develop a sharp foresight to be able to predict real life problems ,how to solve them and how to turn them into opportunities.

2. Discipline

Yep..... you read it well, chess can develop your self discipline . If you are already struggling with it, then I advise you start giving this million dollar sport a very good thought. Chess has rules that govern it , just like any others game , you can't put anything anywhere. But In chess in piece has its own movement making the whole game an interesting one . It is therefore undoubful that one can achieve discipline by learning all the rules and playing the game accordingly.

3. IQ booster

Several reasearch showa that people play chess have a fair IQ and those who don't experience significant rise in their IQ when they do . So next time you are in for an IQ test consider chess .😁

4. You can make money out of it.

This isn't something that I think I should put emphasis on , people have played chess , won world tournaments and are now living respectable lives based on chess

and the next most important thing is that chess is free learn , you can download softwares from playstore to aid your learning.

"play consistently and you will be a grand master "

infact, the benefits are soo numerous that you will have explore yourself 😉

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