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7 Rituals Cristiano Ronaldo Makes Before Every Match (Video)

Christian Ronaldo is a great footballer and loved by many all over the world. In this article I am going to show you 7 rituals or things Ronaldo does before he plays football. 

Note: when someone says rituals, it doesn't mean using charms, spells or evil things to accomplish a goal. 

All I simply mean is something dedicated that you think will motivate you to bring the best in you. 

At the age of 36 years. Christian Ronaldo is still at his best and much better than an average player. 

He's very fit to play any match. No matter his age. What's his secret? 

Here are some rituals Christian Ronaldo carries out before playing any football match:

1. SLEEP. 

C Ronaldo claims he has a very good night rest before preparing for a match the next day. 

 He has a match ahead of him. He doesn't fail to sleep early and have a good sleep before the day of the match. 

Sleeping is very important to the body. 

 As for football, personal sleeping is good because it allows muscles to recuperate. And this is very good for someone in line with sport or any activities. 

So following Christian Ronaldo rituals is not really a bad idea. 


Working out is very good for the body and makes you look smart and healthy. Christian Ronaldo works out when he is free. 

It helps him develop his abs and make him very fit for any daily activities as a sportsman. 

So working out is excellent for everyone no matter your job, religion, race. Before going to bed. C Ronaldo makes sure he has a little work out before nature calls. 

3. MEALS. 

C Ronaldo loves eating high protein foods with little carbs, fruit, vegetables and other medicinal foods that are good for the body system. 

C Ronaldo eats nothing less than 6 dinners a day. This gives him enough energy to play any match. 

He said this in a meeting when some media asked him about his diet information. 


Christian Ronaldo is a great fan of music. Before any match, he loves playing reggae songs or hip hop while he warm up for the match. 


Christian Ronaldo loves water so much. 

He swims for 20 minutes in his free periods. This flaunts his capacity to run faster. 

C Ronaldo is also a fan of pizza after any match. He loves eating pizza because of the rich substance it contains.

7 Rituals Cristiano Ronaldo Makes Before Every Match Watching (Video) Click Me 

Thanks for reading. 

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