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UEFA Champions League

We can make our Champions League quality and our leagues quality if we start now in Africa

If we all understood what the former President His Excellency Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, decide to do for the whole African continent to make us unite to achieve a common goal. But some leaders stood up and debunk his vision others too misinterpreted his words to sound evil in the ears of the other leaders.

By now the Africa Union will have gotten to some extent to make sure that they progress and have become an autonomous or semi-autonomous body. Let's cry for ourselves because the least said on this the better and we have to seek for redress and move, since nothing can be done.

"I challenge you all African footballers to put money together with me to leave Racist Europe and build our stadiums in Africa and develop our youths. We have money we can build at least 5 world-class stadium in each country and sign a petition that no players will be exported to Europe ever again.

Here in Africa, they will play under the love of their sisters and brothers with no one singing racists chants on the stands against them. We are more talented. We can make our Champions League quality and our leagues quality. We have talent that is never appreciated Abroad." Mario Baawuah Ballotelli.

Balotelli posted a message on Instagram in response to Luca Castellini, the head of the Verona ultras, who had said "Balotelli is Italian because he has Italian citizenship, but he can never be completely Italian." Castellini added they had recently signed a black player "and the whole of Verona applauded him".

Balotelli, who has played 36 times for Italy and helped them reach the final of the 2012 European Championships, added: "Wake up you imbeciles, you are shambolic. "When Mario scored a goal for Italy, and - I guarantee you - I will do so again, you are fine with that, aren't you?".

The two players have not been treated fairly with a lot of options either to leave the club or the field. It has not happen ones or twice this has been done on countless occasions making sure that they get the blacks from their country. The supporters has alwats portray this kind of attitude over and over but nothing serious like sanction or punishment has gone to them. On the long run, the players are normally punished for their inappropriate attitude to leave the pitch it retaliate. Boateng was acclaimed for his bravery, his stand described in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica as "the only just and reasonable act we have seen in decades of barbarised football". The player was invited to address United Nations delegates on the importance of confronting racism, as well as to meet with the Fifa president Sepp Blatter. But it is one thing to walk out of a friendly on a point of principle, quite another to do it in a match that matters.

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