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Baba Yara Sports Stadium has been automatically extracted from the list of CAF-approved stadiums.

Confederation of African Football (CAF) Development Officer, Raul Chipenda has addressed a letter to the General Secretary of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Prosper Harrison Addo, Esq.

The content of the letter from CAF to GFA communicates that the famous and luckiest football stadium to Ghana football, Baba Yara Sports Stadium has been removed from the list of approved stadiums for Senior Category “A” matches.

CAF issued a Conditional License that gave Ghana the chance to welcome Nigeria at the specified stadium which was the 1st leg of the two ties of the Qualification Play-Off, initially the GFA has planned to play the home game against the Super Eagles at Cape Coast Sports Stadium but was deemed unfit after Ghana celebrated their Independence Day at Cape Coast Stadium.

The General Secretary of the Ghana Football Association confirmed this piece of information to, it has been revealed that:

“The Baba Yara Sports Stadium was approved under the condition that specific points were to be corrected in the stadium, based on the report received from the CAF inspector that was onsite, we regret to inform you that the improvements made are still not up to the standards required by CAF to host Senior International A matches.”

If Ghana wants the proposed stadium to be re-approved all comments and remarks must be strictly respected and implemented and a follow-up re-inspection covered by GFA must be done by CAF in order to reassess the stadium compliance.

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