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Do Not Lie To Us, Motivational Speakers: Aliko Dangote's Grandfather Was The Richest In West Africa.

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Alhassan Dantata, Aliko Dangote's father was one of the wealthiest man in West Africa. He was a Northern Nigerian trader in kola nuts and ground nuts. Alhassan Dantata used to distribute some of his product to some European countries and also supplied them with raw materials to help develop their industries. Some companies he supplied his raw materials to was British trading companies. The reason why Alhassan Dantata become wealthiest was because of the business he was doing with the European back then.

Because of the foundation Alhassan Dantata laid, his son Aliko Dangote is now following his foot steps. Aliko Dangote has now reached the pinnacle of success all because of his father's hard work. In the 1940s the determined Dantata established groundnuts pyramid at Kano. In 1929 at Kano, he became the first ever individual to have opened a bank account and made a deposit when The Nigerian first bank branch was opened, Isn't this amazing. Alhassan Dantata also had fleet of cars. The reason why Aliko Dangote is success currently is because, success was already in their family. So I edge each and everyone of you to work very hard and trust me, God will never disappoint you.

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