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Ghana football needs a "Superleague" to survive Africa.

Football fans may be crazy because of the notion around such a project, but it doesn’t make the plan utmost worthless. While Europe may not be in support, I think it’s the strongest step forward for the Ghanaian league to catch up. If capitalism isn’t helping us, why not try socialism? Or a combination to satisfy our taste instead of adhering to the European model sheepishly. I will highlight the alternative plan in terms of these sectors: league structure, revenue, rules and regulations.

We can model our league to keep the existing structure where 18 teams battle out, for only 3 to be relegated. Since we are conversant with it, there will be no need for alteration. The other lower leagues can maintain their models as well. Its own League Board must run each league (LB), with supervision from the Ghana Football Association (GFA). They can grant these LBs the room to control their territories with little interference from the top.

In revenue, that is where we need that powerful plan to survive. We will direct all revenues of a single league to an independent fund, managed by a committee of representatives from the GFA, the particular LB, the league clubs and the sector minister. The said money includes the league’s sponsorships, a percentage of gate fees, a high percentage, if not all, of clubs’ sponsorships, and others. The funds will be shared in equal measures to the clubs in the league, so that each club will be financially muscled to breed a higher-level competition.

On the rules and regulations, besides the normal football-governing ones, we enact that a club’s expenses cannot exceed a certain percentage of its total revenue. When this is done, top clubs will desist from overspending, debts, and bullying other teams to a false start. This will increase the standards of our clubs, league and competition. More opportunities and successes will come as a result if everything is carefully implemented. Also, our clubs will have cushion against financial burdens.

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