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Good Police: He sacrifices his time to feed the less privileged in his neighborhood.

Kindness is an act that brings ultimate satisfaction to those who practice it. The world would have been a better place for us all if we could place the needs of others in the same bowl we keep us. Caring for the less privileged in the society is an act that must come from rich people to poor people.

In this way, the burdens and thoughts that encourages people to use dubious means to put food on the table will be greatly reduced to the barest minimum. The inequality level keeps widening between poor people and rich people. The world's economy has been designed to work on that direction.

The police officer in this article has demonstrated that, caring for each other is what really matters in life. He always comes to the same neighborhood after every shift with snacks and soda to chill with the kids who lives here for at least an hour. Sometimes he comes with football and plays a little while. During summer, he bought slippers and slides for these kids and water guns for the kids. He also bought coat and hoodies for them during winter.

This is what we all need in our society. Extend a helping hand to the less privileged.

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