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3 key moments that prove Eric Bailly deserves more chances at Manchester United

Eric Bailly began against Luton Town in the Carabao Cup and his noteworthy exhibition could prompt more possibilities later on. First of all, investigate this header. Albeit a Luton player was close to him, Bailly's tallness end up being a bit of leeway as the ball skiped off the adversaries' head and the Ivorian was promptly ready to go to a partner. 

1. This well-timed header

It's been a long-standing discussion that Man United's focal defenders need animosity however a glance as of now from Bailly is sufficient to recommend we may have discovered the solution to our issues. 

2. Past movement to consume 

Victor Lindelof and Harry Maguire are unreasonably moderate and that has been a real issue for our defense. Notwithstanding, we can see that here, Bailly can serenely beat the rival. In spite of being somewhat a long ways behind at first, he can make up the movement and gets this show on the road feet ready. 

3. Good old pace to burn

In this image beneath, Bailly floods forward and hits the ball when the assault was streaming the other way. This is something we've not seen from Maguire or Lindelof and if the 26-year-old can keep up his structure, there's no motivation behind why he was unable to be our go-to focus back alternative. 

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