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What a shame, Referees beaten by Mighty Royal fans.(Warning disgusting image)

Three Referees were beaten by the fans of Mighty Royals in a Division One League match.

The three Referees who are Niatire Suntuo Aziz (centre referee) Suleman Mohammed (line one referee) and Yakubu Abdul Rahman (line two referee) were clobbered after the final whistle by the angry fans.

The three Referees officiated a Division one League match between the home team, Mighty Royals and Bofoakwa Tano being the away team.

The match ended goalless draw. The fans of Mighty Royals who were playing on their home grounds felt cheated by the three Referees hence the beaten.

The Referees sustained various degrees of injuries.

The matter has been reported to the police and under investigation.

In Matches where referees are beaten or maltreated, the club faces different sanctions by The Football Association.

The club can be banned from playing a number of home matches or could pay a fine.

It remains to be seen the kind of sanction or sanctions that could be metted out to the home team.

This is a very bad and sad situation, for crying out loud, we are in 2021.

How would you want the club to be punished

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