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Bribe your body during examinations to keep burning the midnight candle

They will keep advising you to keep on with good health lifestyles when it is practically impossible during examinations. Like the condom was introduced to compensate for deviation from sexual abstinence, students need guidelines that will help them cope with the actual situations. By now, every pupil may have realized the change in sleep and food patterns anytime they enter into the final testing moments of the school season. Here are some actions you can take to minimize health risks while you undergo sleepless nights and inappropriate feeding choices at the stage.

1. Drink more water. Keeping the body hydrated does not only boost system's effectiveness, but also, you will feel less fatigued because of the regular breaks to visit the washrooms. Your alertness level is managed so you can do effective learning for longer hours in a day.

2. Eat moderately. It will be a disease if you follow your desires to eat a heavy meal, thinking it will keep you active during the hours. The result is simple; you will easily feel drowsy. On the contrary, if you decide not to eat at all or a little, your fuel won't be enough to get you through the miles. 

3. Gum regularly. Researches have proved that the urge to feel sleepy when you are chewing a gum. 

4. Take a cold shower. Cold water stimulates the body, an effect that results in you staying awake. Whenever you feel too much stress on your spine, take a few minutes off to bath. Then, you can continue to study with a refreshed, relaxed mind.

5. Take short naps during the day. It is unusual to stay active throughout the day without getting tired or feeling sleepy. When such moments arrive, you have to take naps, 20 to 30 minutes without hard thinking. This replenishes your strength for the journey ahead.

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