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The mentor who found Iniesta gives his approval to Pedri

Pedrimania has broken out in Barcelona as he is acquiring and more importance inside the firing line-up. In spite of just being 18 years of age, Pedri has become the best news for the Catalans in a season which has not brought a lot of happiness. 

As is common in cases this way, the two fans and the media are searching for examinations. Many consider Pedri to be the new Andres Iniesta and Albert Benaiges, the one who found the previous Blaugrana chief, sees similitudes between the two players. 

"The first occasion when I found Pedri was in Brazil with the U17 group and I thought he was the best part in the group," said Benaiges. 

"I truly enjoyed his style. We need to keep a watch out how he develops." 

Despite the fact that Benaiges accepts the Tenerife local is capable for his age, he proposes that he isn't as evolved as a player as Iniesta was at this phase of his profession. 

"Placing him in a similar age gathering, Iniesta had a difference in speed that Pedri has not yet appeared to have," he brought up. 

"Besides, it should be considered that Iniesta came to Barcelona as a kid, though Pedri was at that point a lot more established. 

"Those activities that Andres learned at Barcelona, Pedri doesn't have them since he has not experienced that cycle. 

"Pedri is a wise player, critical to the group, and in fact generally excellent. 

"He buckles down, he isn't forceful. In that he is a ton like Andres. 

"Be that as it may, concerning the specialized capacity of Andres, it was maybe more complete because of his difference in speed. Indeed, even now he actually has it." 

Another closeness that Benaiges has perceived between the two players is off the pitch. Iniesta, in spite of being perhaps the best part on the planet, consistently stays under the radar and now it shows up Pedri is going a similar way. 

"As individuals they are very comparative," he expressed. 

"Andres and Pedri are comparable in the manner they identify with their partners in the changing area." 

A long shadow 

Amidst such rapture, the pioneer of Iniesta accepts that a lot of correlation could wind up preventing Pedri. 

"Examinations won't be useful for Pedri," he said. 

"Pedri will be Pedri and Andres will be Andres." 

Having said this, and considering the young people of Pedri, Benaiges sees an immense edge for development from the Canary Islander. 

"He is a player who will improve without a doubt since he is a child who is beginning," he said. 

"He has a decent disposition and is insightful. I have presumably that he will improve over the long haul.

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