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The Real-Life Diet of the WWE's Edge, An Extremely Cut 46-Year-Old Man

The man you see there is FORTY SIX years old. And he's now gearing up for his first WrestleMania since 2011. The two-night pay-per-view event will "air" on WWE’s streaming platform this weekend (April 4th and 5th) without a live audience, a decision that's proven controversial. Major stars have dropped out rather than risk the further spread of the coronavirus.

“Whether there’s an audience or not, though, there’s an audience at home,” Edge says. In the last two months, he has zeroed in on his nutrition to ensure he gets an...edge over the weekend. “That’s what I want to do in this chapter of Edge. I want to be better than the Edge who was around for 15 years before. I want and hope that there are other 46-year-old guys who say, ‘Holy crap, I think I might be able to do that, too.’”

In the build-up to the big show, we caught up with the wrestler to discuss how changing his diet made his return to the ring possible, the benefits of meal prepping, and how he plans to make his match against Randy Orton his most memorable WrestleMania moment yet.

GQ: How much pressure was there to show up to your in-ring return looking a certain way? You had been out of the game for a while.

Edge: A lot of pressure, but pressure that I put on myself, for sure. And I’m excited to talk about this because it all started with changing my diet. You can’t out-train a bad diet. For years, I didn’t adhere to a strict diet. I ate okay, but I didn’t eat great. And I trained but, eh… I was retired from wrestling!

So your return to WWE was the impetus to make some changes?

Well, we lost my father-in-law and my mom within a two-month timeframe in 2018 and I just ate a lot of donuts. That’s where my depression came out, in eating. Finally, I looked at my daughters one day and I thought, I have to be better. I have to start eating clean again, because I’ve got to be here for them. That was the start of it.

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