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Story Behind The day Samuel Eto’o made fun of Jose Mourinho with a goal celebration

The day Samuel Eto’o made fun of Jose Mourinho with a goal celebration.

“I wish to tell Samuel, I’m very, very, very happy he’s with us”

     - Jose Mourinho

Well… was it still the case when Samuel Eto’o trolled Mourinho with this goal celebration.

Actually, Jose was laughing from the bench too…

So, Why did Eto’o do it. Jose?

In February 2014, Mourinho was caught on tape Questioning Eto’o age.

“The problem with Chelsea is we lack a scorer. I have one (Eto’o) but he’s 32, maybe 35, whoknows?”

      -  Jose Mourinho, Feb. 2014. (Canal Plus)

Immediately rumors swirled…

Are Mourinho & Eto’o Finished?!?!

In a game against Tottenham a month later. Eto’o scored the first goal in 4-0 win. To celebrate, he pretended to walk like grandpa!

Eto’o was poking fun at Mourinho and making a statement!

“I’m not to young but even, if I am in my 30s, I can still play, at a very, very good level until 35, 36 years old.”

 - Samuel Eto’o

Camera caught Mourinho laughing too!

Could it be, Mourinho and Eto’o were cool, right? – drop your comments below.

Because a couple of month later…

Eto’o gave an interview to an African Football Publication and he didn’t hold back on Mourinho.

“Thanks for informing me, that it will be my last World Cup. Today, I am 33 years old. And it is not because a fool called me an old man that you must believe it.”

 - Samuel Eto’o (, May 2014)

Three month later after Eto’o’s ‘grandpa’ celebration…

Eto’o scored for Cameroon against Germany, and he did the celebration again.

Sam Eto’o has never been one to forget. For a longtime, Mourinho and Eto’o had a great relationship.

Eto’o played under Jose at Inter Milan when they won the treble and that’s why Jose Mourinho brought Eto’o with him to Chelsea, but the second stint put a bad taste in Eto’o’s mouth.

Eto’o had an even worse feeling of disrespect from Pep Guardiola.

Sam Eto’o retired from professional football in 2019. So he won’t be mockng Mourinho in goal celebrations.

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