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An astute supporter of Hearts of Oak spoke by analysing the gaffer Matic

As a staunch supporter of the Accra Hearts of Oak team, they have prove to be a better side ahead of coach Matic. The beginning of the season brought a lot of questions to board whether they can make it to the top.

With what they have seen so far, the hopes of fighting and retaining for the league and FA Cup can be possible.

3 home matches 2 draws, one win under Matic, these Dreams Fc, gold stars, Accra Lions, and those newly promoted teams, we've been beating them like crusade drums without any sweat. So the coach must understand that he hasn't done anything extraordinary. 

Tho, We're gradually going back to those days when you can't rule Hearts Of Oak out until the final whistle. Great fighting spirit, but we need some consistency on the starting 11.

You can't change 8 players from the winning team as if you're doing justify or pre season, he gambled the game yesterday and that's very needless, it will come back to hunt him one day. He needs to get his First 11 with immediate effect.

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