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Winning is Not Enough: Xavi's Response to Criticism after Beating Real Madrid with 35% Possession.

Xavi, the former Barcelona player, and current manager, recently faced criticism after his team defeated Real Madrid 0-1 with only 35% possession in the first league of Copa Del Ray, the lowest amount in the last 8 years. However, Xavi responded to the criticism by saying, "Winning is not enough here," highlighting the high expectations and standards set by the club.

Xavi's comment emphasizes the unique and challenging nature of managing Barcelona, a club that demands not only victories but also a particular style of play. The club's history and identity are built on the philosophy of "tiki-taka" football, a possession-based style that prioritizes ball control and short, quick passes.

Since taking over as manager, Xavi has been tasked with restoring this philosophy to the team, which had deviated from it in recent years. His approach has been met with some criticism, especially when the team struggles to maintain possession or loses games despite dominating the ball.

However, Xavi's response to the recent criticism shows that he understands the pressure and expectations that come with managing Barcelona. He knows that simply winning is not enough; the team must also play in a manner that is consistent with the club's identity and history.

This is not an easy task, especially in today's football landscape, where the emphasis is often on results over style. However, Xavi's commitment to Barcelona's philosophy and his willingness to take on this challenge is commendable.

Moreover, Xavi's comments also highlight the importance of context in evaluating a team's performance. Possession is not always a reliable indicator of a team's dominance or success, as evidenced by Barcelona's recent victory over Real Madrid. The team may have had less possession, but they were able to create more dangerous chances and ultimately win the game.

In conclusion, Xavi's response to criticism after Barcelona's win over Real Madrid shows his understanding of the unique pressures and expectations that come with managing one of the world's most iconic football clubs. Winning is not enough for Barcelona; the team must also play in a style that is consistent with its identity and history. Xavi's commitment to this philosophy is admirable, and his comments serve as a reminder that context is essential when evaluating a team's performance.

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