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Reason why Olympics divers take shower after each dive

Divers regularly rise out of the water after a dive and promptly shower down by the side of the pool — despite the fact that they are now wet. Then, at that point, they get themselves dry with little towels - despite the fact that they will get wet again on their next dive.

This is why...

The reason for this is to loosen up the muscles and keep them at the right temperature. This is on the grounds that the water in the swimming pool is cold, something that can harm the muscles, possibly influencing performance.

Normally after they dive, they have to wait for some time before they take their next dive, a specific time is not given yet, This is because the air temperature on the deck of the pool can be cold, so the wash down or taking a shower can help warm up the muscles of the diver. A resent update states that, divers wash down after a dive which they know vividly they will get wet again is to wash off pool chemicals.

Chemicals like chlorine ,sodium bisulfate, weak acid just to mention a few. These chemicals are used to help kill bacteria in the swimming pool.

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