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Eden Hazard Not Smiling After Winning Spanish Super Cup

Is the footage of Real Madrid players celebrating the Spanish super cup after winning against the Athletic club? But during the celebration, and it has a look for unhappy and naughty, celebrating with our teammates like the way pictures are spent right now on all social media, or they had look so unhappy during the Real Madrid men celebrating the Spanish Supercup.

But only, you know, different funds say, and it has that needed to return to Chelsea. For me, I think that is out of mode, maybe. But surely if we win something at the club supposed to fight with teammates, and I believe I didn't have that to be anything wrong with his teammates.

And I hope this will be a good moment for him to win a super cup, finish, super cup throughout my bid. And there are so many approximately coming as well. My dad, because he is brilliant player and I hope we can achieve something like the way it came for him to join well, Madrid to win the champions league.

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