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I Stopped Watching WWE Wrestling When I Discovered How Wrestling Matches Were Made

As children we are talking about the number of wrestlers who are very suitable and unmatched. I declared without a doubt that the worker was dead who woke up in his lifestyle until I knew how the fight went my narrative changed.

 This article sincerely explains how they fight and hope they won't hurt your childhood memories.

 You may also be surprised to analyze that the battle has taken place (i.e. the wrestlers already know the winner of the hostilities before entering the ring (partial choreography).

 Make no mistake, real electricity and beauty. Wrestlers do athletic skills, fly, and crash into the ground (while staying in character).

 Wrestlers do this progressive competition earlier than the target market directly. The fixed races and the winners who fight with the winners are determined entirely based on the wrestler's preference reputation and fans.

 Compared to other wrestling offerings, WWE shows are no longer criminal contests, pure entertainment

 Although races regularly involve movements that can be performed at the risk of injury or even death if not performed correctly

 Wrestlers don't really try to hit or hurt themselves even outside of battle, this wrestler who thinks he's the worst enemy is practically the high quality friend.

 The memories at the back of these ring characters are false (it's a script like a movie).

 People sincerely pay to watch this fight, they know they're on stage, when you pay to watch a movie in the cinema, you understand that it's a scenario.

 Most wrestlers are very proficient athletes, spend years training with different people to study this movement and do it safely, which makes this movement seem like a very risky one for the public.

 I hope I won't destroy your childhood memories of battle

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