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Pictures of cow which has been painted with Chelsea colors circulates online

Football is a unique sport and has its own way of uniting people worldwide. It is based on three principles for which two is the most prominent. These two most prominent principles run through the entire sport and is linked together.

It is either or you win or you lose, either you laugh or cry, either you become happy or get filled with sorrow. Football teaches us that nothing is permanent in this life, there are always going to be twist and turns as well as ups and downs, no condition is permanent.

Well, this beautiful game has got many people coming up with colorful ideas and trust me, these ideas add a certain touch to the game of football which makes it lovely.

This article is going to see me talk about one of these ideas. Today is the Champions League finals and like the world always does, it has been parted into two today. It is either you support Chelsea or Manchester City.

There's this hardcore Chelsea fans who love the club so dearly to the extent that they decided to paint their cow with the colors of this big club.

Looking at the picture below you can tell that the natural color of the cow is white but these guys went for a blue paint and decided to alter the color of this cow

This was posted by a guy known as Law on the social media a few hours ago and people cannot stop laughing.

I don't know the people who implemented this idea but I think their work has really gone far and is still spreading to all parts of the world.

After altering the natural color of this cow, they decided to take it outside for a walk in their neighborhood. Never had I seen a thing of such sort and it got me wondering why they would do that. Well, maybe they love the club so dearly and think this is the right thing to do.

Some people are saying this wasn't necessary and it is sort of tarnishing the image of the club. Others think it is hilarious and there is nothing wrong with it. Well, I hope Manchester City doesn't slaughter this cow tonight.

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