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$25 Million Dollars For The Total African Cup Of Nations Trophy ?

I do not know the current price money for the African cup of nations winner but the last prize amount for the winner of the tournament was less than 5 million dollars.Whilst a participating nation may find it normal to spend more than 5 million dollars to participate fully in the tournament, spending $25 million dollars to participate fully in such a tournament seems too exorbitant

Most people will argue that there are more important needs for such an amount of money but football is equally an important need for the country. So the argument here is not about having more important needs for the country. The reality is that 25 million dollars as expenditure for participation in the African cup of nation tournament is too much in terms of expenditure

Many football-loving fans will not have a problem with spending 100 million dollars to participate in a tournament if that is what it takes. But the fact that the tournament is being hosted in an African country makes $25 million a little bit too much in terms of cost

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