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Traditional Dressing Of Ghanaians

The customary ensembles of Ghana are not simply wonderful. The way of life of this country and its old legacy impact the societies dressing a lot. That is the reason the plans, textures, and examples aren't arbitrary. They are utilized by Ghanaians for an extensive stretch of time, and subsequently, they convey the old information and custom. Simultaneously, the public outfit of Ghana looks so brilliant and beautiful that it lights up the mood of everybody around.

One of the local ways of attire creating in Ghana is the weaving. Local people had wooden weaving machines and created high quality texture well before the colonization of this land. They wove fabric from cotton and raffia filaments (far and wide African palm tree). This art isn't forgotten even today. Ghanaians actually utilize their customary weaving machines making Gonja material and kente material – public garments of Ghana is normally produced using these textures.

The traditional garments of Ghana are the kente cloth and the Ghanaian smock. The smock is made from the fabric called “Gonja cloth”. The kente cloth is from Southern Ghana, while the Gonja cloth – from Northern Ghana.

Gonja Cloth ( Smock).

Gonja cloth – thick striped cotton fabric. The cotton is picked, dyed, and woven by hand. Usually, the pattern on this cloth is blue/black and white stripes. Long narrow pieces of fabric (about 4 inches wide) are woven and then sewn together or sold in rolls.

Ghanaian smock (there are other names, for example, “dansika”, “fugu”, “batakari”, etc.) is a garment that resembles a shirt. It is mostly worn by men but there are female versions. Usually, the neckline and sometimes the front part of the smock is embellished with embroidery. The threads used for the embroidery pattern are white or blue&white. The pattern on the fabric itself is a combination of black and white or blue and white stripes of different width. The smock is worn with a kufi cap (a small round skull-cap widely used in Africa) or a red fez hat.

Kente cloth

Kente cloth is another traditional garment of Ghana. It is a handwoven piece of fabric with very colorful and symbolic patterns. This outfit is mostly worn for special occasions, ceremonies, and celebrations. The garment is very important for Ghanaian culture. First kente appeared about a 400 years ago. It was woven from raffia palm fibers and the tissue structure looked like a basket. At first, kente cloth was used only by royalty but later it became an item for ordinary people. Nowadays, kente cloth is made from cotton, and this clothing fits African climate perfectly.

Kente is made by two groups of people in Ghana. The Akans (Ashanti's) and Ewes of the Volta Region. The designs and patterns of this two groups of people are different.

Examples of Ewe fabrics.

Examples of Akan fabrics.

These fabrics have various meanings and significance that was why they were made.

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