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How Didier Drogba stopped a civil war in his country in 2007 through a football match

While others see football to just be a sport or an avenue for entertainment it has also being a tool of peace and unity and oneness.

It is very hard to see a frowning face in a football audience whose team has scored a goal , irrespective of their race or tribe the fans hug one another in excitement and the sight is always beautiful to watch hmm.

However with the persistent civil war which threw the country’s peace into shambles during president Lauren Gbagbos regime saw Ivory Coast become one of the most unsafe countries as at that time and it took the heroic effort of Didier Drogba to restore peace in his motherland.

During a World Cup qualification match which the Ivory Coast needed a must win 3 points to qualify, Didier Drogba confidently appealed to the FA to allow the match to be held in boauke which is a town and the strong hold of the militant group that made the country in peaceful.

After Egypt had tied their match, all the Ivorians needed was a win to qualify and with a few seconds to go Didier Drogba broke the deadlock taking the whole country into merry making and chant of joy.

All media attention were pointed towards him as he grabbed the microphone and went on his knees begging the rebels both in bouake and around the country to cease violence and allow peace to prevail.

The rebels agreed and since then peace was restored back to the Ivory Coast through the help of a selfless footballer who despite his wealth thought about his motherland.

The peaceful celebrations intensified even more when when Didier Drogba was awarded the best african player of the year bringing celebrations and joy to his country once again.

He was awarded by the uefa for using football to preach peace and halt a civil war saving the lives of millions of people.

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