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The salaries of footballers may be huge, but not too huge. This is why

Most people believe that, football is game a fortune. People enter this field just to make themselves wealthy. Well this fact is untrue.

Footballers are believed to take huge sums of money every week as their salary while other workers in other field take less.

In today's article, we will find out why the salary level of footballers is even small even though they may take huge sums of money.

Some players take $50,000 a week and this is kind of huge but it is not so.

Becoming a footballer is automatically becoming a super star. You begin to get amazing fans from across the world.

All your fans always wants to see you fit and strong. Some fans wants to see you driving expensive cars since you are now a celebrity and also living is expensive houses.

Aside that, footballers are often invited to programs and shows. We expect them to donate an amount of money to the program anytime they visit. All these monies come from their salary. They also have to pay huge taxes.

Finally, they also have to invest a lot. Most footballers do retire before age 40. After they 40, they sit in the house to rest or be in their business. Some also take on coach programs.

This means, the salary they take must be used economically during your time of play. They pay them huge so that they can invest some for their future. So that they cab invest some to cater for their family in the life after football.

This explains that, footballers may take huge amounts of money, but those monies are for their future. They money may seem big but not big.

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