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Do You Know There Is A Green Card In Football

We all know the yellow card and the red card, which play a major role in the sport we love. But did you know that there's a third type of card? A card that wasn't a punishment for players: the green card!

The green card was first used to allow the medical team to come onto the pitch in order to deal with an injured player. But its use was abolished in 2003, the referee could now give medical teams permission to come onto the pitch with a simple hand signal.

But that wasn't the last we heard of green cards! They made their return in 2016 in Italian football for a completely different reason! Now, a green card can be given to a player when they demonstrate sporting behavior! In October 2016, the Italian Cristian Galana was the first player to receive a green card during the a Serie B game, by admitting his shot hadn't been touched by an opposition player and was therefore not a corner

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