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Two Skilled "Bukom" Kids Cause Laughter As They Box

As the saying goes, start a child on the right path so that when they grow they will not depart from it.

That is the case for these young bukom children who from the video have a natural passion for boxing. They are seen clad in boxing gloves and having a boxing match with each other.

From the looks of it, they will one day be the generation that will represent Ghana.

However, during the fight, things took a hilarious turn when the taller and more agile fighter was getting the upper hand over the shorter and more plump kid.

After the taller kid landed some heavy blows on his opponent, the shorter kid turned into a "sore loser" and stated that he won't fight again because his opponent keeps cheating.

This leads the adults spectating the fight to burst into serious laughter. These kids are truly the future and need to be groomed with proper training.


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