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The English Battle The Italians For Supremacy Over Europe With 22 People Chasing One Small Ball

Finally, we have come to the end of the road for a major European tournament that seeks the overall winner today. England and Italy will face off for the right to rule Europe in terms of soccer for the next two years. Not many soccer fans are surprised by the presence of the two teams in the finals. Indeed many expected to see England and Italy in the final but who wins the battle on the field of soccer?

Both teams have come far but Italy seems to have had a more difficult path than England. Italy had to conquer most people's tournament favorite in Spain and Belgium to get to the final whilst the major hurdle the English were faced with was Germany. All the teams that made it beyond the knockout stages were strong and good teams. Most pundits and analysts will be expecting an England win. But this is a game that I am tipping Italy to win base on the numbers but based on other factors apart from numbers I am expecting an English win. This is because there is nothing more dangerous in soccer than a team that plays with a certain kind of belief and motivation that is out of this world. If England were to play with the kind of belief and motivation that saw them overcome Germany they will win or draw this game

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