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Hearts of Oak sets new target and record to see the club happy again over some decades past

The eyesight of the leaders need to be given much respect for having vision and possessing the quality to take the club to the promise land. This year should be a year of good happenings and fortunes. We want to see this investment yielding must fruit and manifesting itself at end of the day. Glory be to the board chairman and his team for bringing new projects on board and making things very easy for the club and the playing body. Before the project commences, management of the club are hoping to complete the Pobiman project on time to move the current staff there for work to commence. Togbe Afede XIV said the direction of the current board wants to move the club required that they have a befitting edifice that would not only bring in revenue but also enhance the image of the club. “The development of Pobiman is an integral part of our strategy to build infrastructure that will support our vision. And we expected Pobiman to be completed before the end of last year but for COVID-19 disruptions. “We thought from the very onset that once Pobiman was built we’ll not need all the staff we have now at the secretariat because most of the club activities will be centered at Pobiman. That is why we had thought that once the structures are completed secretariat staff would move to Pobiman."

According to the supporters, they went to the secretariat to present their demands to the Board of the club after the sacking of several team members of the coaching team. In a release dated, February 16 signed by the Hajia Zenab Salifu Abdulai, Deputy General Secretary of the National Chapters Committee, NCC, it urged the supporters to remain calm despite the recent happenings in the club. On Saturday, the club tweeted photos of the designs for the new edifice. The club has recently come under intense pressure following the mass resignation that hit the club last month which led the entire management team left the club, citing personal reasons.

However, the board and the management were caused of interfering in the job of the technical team. The Phobians are taken precautionary measures after three players tested positive for the novel virus last year. The club has over seen the fumigation of the entire building space to fuel claims the secretariat has been shutdown.

How can a pandemic lead to the closure of the whole secretariat, that is the reason behind raising the Pobiman project and ensuring that that the recent secretariat can also be of high standard. There must be ready and reasonable team to help complete this project. The office can't be left empty and unsettled because that is the only one they have to serve the club for their records. But can reports that the claims are wide off the mark as the club embark on a drive to make the office space safe for staff and visitors alike. Shocking media reports claimed on Monday that the secretariat has been closed down due to a spike in the number of Covid-19 positive cases. But that has turned out to be a complete false as its just a mere precautionary fumigation exercise of the entire office space.

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