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Arsenal captain Aubameyang: ‘Humble’ Partey gives everything on the pitch

Arsenal captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang expressed his appreciation for Thomas Partey's contribution and personality.

 Since moving to England last month, Partey has been dazzled in the midfield of the Gunners. So far, he has participated in all four games.

 In Sunday's game against Manchester United, the Black Star midfielder won praise from club manager Mikel Arteta, including many praises from Roy Keane and Martin Keown.

 In Thursday's game against Molde in the European Union, Aubameyang emphasized how Patty's humility and versatility can help the team.

 The Gabonese captain said: "The performance of the entire team is outstanding. It is great to see Thomas Partey participate in the game, even though he has not been here for a long time."

 "Outside the court, he is a very humble person. You can also see this on the court, because he does provide everything in the game.

 "He is really simple, quiet, and humble. We all like him very much.

 "He is also really funny-sometimes he will joke, we would not expect. So he settled down quickly.

 "On the court, his advantage lies in his strength and the way he stops counterattacks and dangerous situations. This is really important to us.

 "I think he locked three Manchester United midfielders on Sunday-anyway, this is my opinion-it is really important to us.

 "In addition, when he regains the ball, he can play very well, which is a good point for us."

 Aubameyang also praised the impact of Eanneny's return from the Besiktas loan law.

 He said: "This is also Mo's outstanding performance in midfield. I think his loan law is very beneficial to him-go out and gain more experience."

 "The game he brought back is also very important. Since his return, his performance has been incredible.

 "He sprinted at the end of the game... I don't know how he did it! This is the energy he has, this is what we want as a team, and everyone here really wants to be useful in this way We want to do everything we can every minute, and this is exactly what Mo does.

 "He is a funny person, Mo, I think we are similar people. We are always smiling and optimistic, so when we are together, it is always funny-we ​​laugh a lot. It's great to be with him Up."

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